Two Alaskan-grown girls, friends from foursquare to final cap-and-gown affairs, are beginning a new adventure. We've been friends since kindergarten, traveling in tandem on the path of life from grade school to university. Now as we finish off our final year as international students in Edinburgh, Scotland our tandem will roll down separate trails.

We've had quite a few adventures in our day, but we're sure the best is yet to come. 

Enter Hither & Thither stage left! 

 We have organized 52 weekly challenges for one another in the hopes of maintaining an old friendship and gaining new ones along the way. A brief introduction of each challenge will be preceded by our respective interpretations!
 Still our challenges, ideas, frustrations, and inspiration will all find a place here, and we might post on a whim any time. It will also be a spot for family and friends to check up on our happenings. 
Feel free to dive into the real-world with us! We want to know our readers (hi Mom!) and for this to be an interactive space, so don't hesitate to join in or drop us a line at:  hitherandthithergirls@gmail.com.

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