Monday, April 9, 2012


Notoriously, we rock the Alaskan style. This translates as being plaid-clad, rocking xtratufs, clogs (for formal affairs) and your outfit is never complete without an outdoor jacket. Living within the borders of the last frontier, this was standard wear. Fashion rules extended to: being capable of going from class to conquering mountaintops/utmost practicality. I mean, Hannah once made the joke, 'Three quarter sleeves, because I don't live beyond my means.' 
average Alaskan attire
Hopping the pond to Edinburgh has opened our eyes to new textures, patterns and silhouettes beyond waterproof and warm. We have been trying to cultivate some style, and still are.
 Challenge three will consist of three outfits each: one class(y) casual, one for a fancy occasion, and the last suitable for traveling. In showing these, we'll incorporate some lessons that we've learned in Europe while keeping true to our Northern roots.


  1. I've just happened across your blog and think your 52 challenges is the COOLEST idea :) Have fun with it!


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