Sunday, April 1, 2012


With seven extra pounds in  my pocket from being a psychology experiment for an hour (don't worry parents), I shopped for vegetables and whipped up a quick picnic lunch for a friend and I on the sun-warmed grass of the Meadows -but not before scorching my hand on the grill and setting off the fire alarm. All in a days work really. Portability was key, and while I sounded like a booze-hound with all the jars in my backpack, I think jars are the way forward! We scouted a most excellent tree to lean against, and the lushest grass with the best people watching.

Our picnic overlooked swanky apartments, numerous games of ultimate frisbee and boys in plaid.

Edinburgh has been incredibly gorgeous these last few days and I am proud to say that Scotland gave me a sun-burn, and freckles to boot!! Twas a fairly perfect Sunday lazing in the sun, eating cheesecake and talking about VW vans and hammocks. Thanks for the vitamin D Scotland! Cross your fingers it doesn't snow like the forecast is predicting for Tuesday. 

Meadows bicycling
The Crags and Arthur's Seat

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