Thursday, April 5, 2012


after failing to gain inspiration from many years of art classes, i decided that construction paper was the way to go. of course, these graduation announcements would need a bit of 'flair,' so i decided to add something that will help me keep me healthy and fed in the years to come. 

no, they're not edible. but that would've been great.

i decided to ask for recipes! what could be better than a invite/cookbook combo that allows me to leave this university not only with a degree but also a compilation of my family and friends favorite recipes to help get my own kitchen cookin! nothing, except that i may need to learn how to cook, but i'll cross that bridge when i come to it. 

here's how they turned out!
 the supplies
 the results
 the inside - please enjoy my mountain metaphor. 

now let's hope i acquire loads of secret family recipes, and not so many of these... 


  1. Glad graduation is in the near future! CDR

  2. love it. how did you ever come up with that idea?!

    1. i've been told i come from a family with talents in the kitchen, but unfortunately since we're all so spread out i haven't been able to enjoy much of their cooking. i thought this would be a sneaky way to gather the best of their concoctions and maybe turn them into a little book. now let's hope i get some responses!


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