Monday, April 9, 2012


Jillian was wagging her finger at me earlier about not completing this challenge on time. I plead the fifth, but I will say that if you are on the west coast or ya know, Japan, I should be golden timing-wise. Either way, here we go!
Ze supplies. 
While I had grand ideas for a vintage national park poster look, needle point embellishments and maybe some cheeky glitter glue none of those things happened. Instead I threw it back to postcards and DIY envelopes. There are a multitude of designs because, well, I'm indecisive. So here are the results of my night watching Cool Runnings, baking cookies and cutting paper like a kindergartner. 
Fun fact: people used to have to cut fabric and paper for me because my fingers were not so fly. 
I could cut my food though, no issues with food eating.   
Just a handful of the many designs kicking around in my brain. The writing on the balloon card looked pretty Halloweenish after a wee while, so I nixed that typography.
Coin purse envelopes I made using a template made from my old environmental politics coursebook. Gotta admit, cutting that up felt pretttttty good.
Oh, and sorry if this last diptych gives you the blues.



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